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 I never planned on ending up with my fingers in two separate, identical, tasty pies, knocked up and turned into a literal Hana sandwich, but here I was. 

My brother's getting engaged, and I couldn't give less of a shit--until he shows up at our parent's home with a woman I've had in my arms before. It seems Luke forgot to tell her he had a twin.


I'll be damned if I let him use my good name to net a catch like Hana. My brother's as possessive as I am, and we butt heads over our little Hana with deadly consequences.


She's like a treasured toy held between two boys, pulled in either direction at the same time, but I won't let go of what's mine.


Luke doesn't deserve her, and I'll die before I let him break her.



Cold Retribution is a dark romance written for mature audiences only. It contains graphic scenes that may be too dark for some readers.

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