I never planned on ending up with my fingers in two separate, identical, tasty pies, knocked up and turned into a literal Hana sandwich, but here I was. 

On one hand, there was the hunky businessman who turned out to be my boss. After a sloppy drunk night of regret and disappointment, I quickly ended up chained to this man in more ways than one, though not by choice.

And on the other? His identical twin brother, complete with suit and tie. I wasn't aware that we'd met already until he set the record straight at my engagement party--to his brother.
And now? Now I had two ruthless, possessive men at each others' throats, fighting to win my heart and the title of my husband.

All I wanted was a family, children, a happy, idyllic life. The American Dream.
Now I was stuck in the middle of a war between brothers--one that could prove to be fatal--with no idea where I stood in the mix. The only question was, which Cartwright twin would be victorious?--Luke, or Logan?

Cold Retribution is a dark romance written for mature audiences only. It contains graphic scenes that may be triggering to some readers.